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Roald Dahl: an amazing talented author

Time Line of Roald Dahls life.

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Matilda Summary
Time Line of Roald Dahls life.
Charlie and the chocolate factory summary
The Twits summary
james and the giant peach summary
The BFG summary
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1916 Roald Dahl born September 13, 1916 in

1920 Sister Astri dies of appendicitis at the age
of seven. A few months later Dahl's father, Harald
Dahl, dies.

1923 Enters Llandaff Cathedral School.

1925 Enters St. Peter's School in

1929 Enters Repton Public School in Derby

1934 Graduates from Repton. Accepts position with
Shell Oil Company in London.

1939 Joins Royal Air Force. Learns to fly fighter
plane in Nairobi, Kenya.

1940 Suffers serious injuries as result of plane
crash in Libya. Spends several months in military
hospital in Alexandria, Egypt.

1942 "Shot Down Over Libya" appears in Saturday
Evening Post in August.

1943 The Gremlins. First published book

1944 Dahl secures literary agent, Ann Watkins, and
short stories begin to be published in American

1945 Moves back to Amersham, England to be near
mother Sofie.

1948 Begins dividing his time between England and
New York City.

1953 Marries Patricia Neal on July 2.

1955 Daughter Olivia Twenty born April 20.

1957 Daughter Chantal Sophia (renamed Tessa to
avoid the rhyme) born April 11.

1960 Son, Theo Matthew Roald, born July 30. Later
baby's carriage is hit by taxicab in New York City,
causing massive head injuries.

1962 Daughter Olivia dies of measles encephalities
on November 17.

1964 Daughter Ophelia Magdalena born May 12.

1964 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

1965 Patricia Neal suffers three massive strokes
on February 17 and returns home three months later.
Daughter Lucy Neal born August 4.

1967 Dahl's mother Sofie dies on November 17.

1982 The BFG

1983 Divorces Patricia Neal on November 17 and
marries Felicity Crosland.

1988 Matilda

1990 Roald Dahl dies November 23 in Oxford,