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Charlie and the chocolate factory summary

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Charlie and the chocolate factory summary
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Willy Wonka And The

Chocolate Factory


Charlie- Charlie is a boy that lives with his grandma and grandpa and sells newspapers to get money.

Grandpa- he is Charlie’s grandfather and he takes care of Charlie.

Grandma- she is Charlie’s grandmother and she is always resting in bed and/or knitting.

Willy Wonka- he is a famous candy seller who is holding a contest for whoever finds a gold ticket in their candy bar. Many kids will win and the ones that do, get to tour his huge chocolate filled mansion.

Setting- the setting takes place in a fictional setting around England in about 1950.


In this book, Charlie and his grandparents are barely holding on because lack of money, they also are always in bed because their bones are very weak. Charlie has a huge thing about wanting to win the Willy Wonka contest, so whenever he is done with selling newspapers he goes out to buy a candy bar, when finally, he wins.

Charlie is very excited and starts dancing around with his grandpa, Charlie decides to take grandpa with him. Their was nearly 6 more kids that had won the contest and they had all been shouting loudly when Willy Wonka himself walked out of the huge chocolate mansion he called home.

Inside was very cool to Charlie, everything was eatable! Even the flowers! They finally came upon a room where if you drank a certain juice, you would float! So even though Willy Wonka said not to, they did it anyway. When they finally got down, they went with everyone else.

At the end of the book, Charlie gave back the candy Willy Wonka had given them, so then Charlie and his grandfather got to ride in a flying glass elevator with Mr. Wonka and he got a lifetime supply of Wonka Chocolate!

Recommendation- I would recommend this book to anyone, because this book fits almost every category.

Opinion- I really liked this book and I would definitely read it again.