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Roald Dahl: an amazing talented author

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james and the giant peach summary
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The book I'm going to tell you about is "James and the Giant Peach". Roald Dahl wrote this book. The main characters in this book are: James, Mr. Grasshopper, Mr. Centipede, Miss Ladybug, Miss Spider, Earthworm and Silkworm. This book takes place on an old, ugly lifeless hill in a big, ugly house. Then James met an old man who gave James some green things. The old man said, "Whatever these things touch they'll do their magic on!"

James dropped the green things, and they went up an old peach tree. A peach began to grow and grow until it was a huge, giant peach! James' aunts had been letting people look at the peach and told James to go pick up their garbage. When James go to the peach, there was a hole in it, and James began to climb through it. And that's when his adventures began…


after he was inside the peach.. many things happen and he goes on many missions and fights off all the seagulls and tries to protect his insect friends.