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Roald Dahl: an amazing talented author

pics of roald dahl
Matilda Summary
Time Line of Roald Dahls life.
Charlie and the chocolate factory summary
The Twits summary
james and the giant peach summary
The BFG summary
list of books

Roald Dahl

Throughout Roald Dahl's life he wrote many cool books.. and he also sold a lot of them at the same time! His books have been translated into as many as 35 different languages around the world. We chose to research Roald Dahl because he was one of our favorite authors growing up. 


"Roald Dahl was very big. He was tall, even though he stooped as he got older. He really did look like a Big Friendly Giant. He was not a snappy dresser. He loved to wear bright coloured trousers, often red, and sandals, and lamb's wool cardigans which nearly always had large holes in the elbows!"