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Zoom Into Water Safety

How To Be Safe In Water
How To Be Safe In Water
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Zoom Into Water Safety!!!

It is a huge deal to be safe in water, here are some things you can do to make sure that you are safe,

*~If Swimming In Ocean/Lake~*

*always swim in areas where there is a trained adult to save you if there happens to be any problems
*always be aware of the weather conditions, because if it is really foggy out, people might not be able to see you if you are submerged underwater
*always make sure you are safe getting into the ocean or lake by entering feet first
*Never swim alone

*~If Swimming In A Pool~*

*Only dive if area is meant for diving
*Have an adult with you at all times
*walk slowly in a pool area
*dont eat or chew gum while swimming
*obey all pool rules and never ignore them
*only swim in a placement with a secure depth of water

*~Other Safety Tips~*

"All safety tips for swimming are needed at all times, why? Because if you shall 'ever ignore even one rule, you can put your whole life on the line."

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